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Change In Address



A company is required to have registered office so that it’s able to receive and acknowledge all communication and notices that are addressed to it.

Every change of the situation of the registered office shall be notified to the registrar. So it’s compulsory to file with the MCA portal any change in office address of the company.​​ 

Documents required for filing with the registrar:

  • Copy of Board resolution( By the Board of Directors)

  • Copy of Special resolution ( By the Members of Company)

  • Address Proof of the changed address which includes any of the utility​​ bills like Mobile phone bill, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Gas Bill which shall not be older than two months and should bear the name of the company.)

  • In case registered office owned by the company itself then​​ conveyance deed​​ of the property in the name of company.

  • In case registered office taken on lease/rent then​​ lease deed/rent agreement​​ of the property.

  • In case registered office owned by any director or any other person and not taken on lease then​​ No Objection Certificate​​ from owner of that property.